Save a part of your income, at least 10% for the rainy day.

What is Stash?

Stash is a user friendly savings application that encourages you to save daily, weekly and monthly for different purpose and period. Stash means to keep or pile-up for safekeeping. Stash is your digital "esusu", "ajo", "adashe", "asusu", "piggy bank" platform.

Why should I save?

Stash your idle cash. Save little by little. Save for the rainy day. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. That N200, that N500, that N 1,000, just stash it! You will be shocked at what it would amount to in 3-6months. Save a part of your income, at least 10% for the rainy day.

Savings Plan

This is made possible through a recurring debit passed into your bank account daily, weekly and monthly depending on your plan.

Users can also save without a stereotyped plan. This plan is not part of the daily, weekly or monthly plan. It is called Casual Savings. You save as you get funds for a specified period.


The minimum savings period is 2 months(60 days). You can as well do for 3,4,6,9 ,12months or more as you please. Maximum tenor is 2 years.

Optional Interest Payment

Interest payment is 6% per annum on your savings. By default, your interest button is activated but you can choose to switch off the interest button if you do not want interest due to personal or religious beliefs.

Minimum Savings Amount

  • N70 and above for daily plan
  • N500 and above for weekly plan
  • N2000 and above for monthly plan
  • N5,000 is the minimum for Casual Savings. Casual Savings does not have a recurring plan. It is save as you go!


To activate your plan, sign up and follow the instructions. You can link your bank account to Stash by either link your existing debit card or paying directly from your bank. Successful registration cost N100.

Registration is quite different from activating the plans. Once you register successfully, the system debits you according to the plan you have chosen. You do not need to keep entering your details for any new plans.This is a one-off process.

Savings Purpose

You may save for house rent, business expansion, car purchase, car repairs, school fees, wedding, ceremonies, aso ebi, naming ceremony, family allowance, family emergencies, vacation, pilgrimage, health, extra cash,children welfare, charity, End of Year Expenses etc

Savings Statement

This is a record of all your savings. You can view, print or download your savings records in word, CSV, PDF, excel format.


Just a click, no phone call. No email

Note: Upon attainment of your target sum, you can automatically request for your funds by clicking the withdrawal button which is credited to your personal account details provided. Just do it on your own. Kindly note that third party accounts will not be credited. We can however also credit any other accounts belonging to you.

Early Withdrawal Charge

  • 5% of principal sum
  • Loss of all accrued interest

Note: In order to encourage you to stick to your initial plan, we charge you 5% of your principal savings for withdrawing before the maturity. You also lose the entire interest in the savings. This is a penal charge deductible from your saved amount. The remaining sum will be credited to your account.

We wouldn't want to be charged, would you? Well, neither do we. So don't make us charge you. Just wait till the end of the tenor or till the target contribution is saved. Don't worry, you will be alright.


  • 33.3% of your total savings
  • No penal charges
  • Accrued interest is intact

Note: IOU(I owe u) Just in case you need some urgent cash and you don't want to be charged for early withdrawing, the IOU option is good for you. You can access 33.3%( i.e one third) of your principal savings. This sum will be credited to your account at no cost. No charges. This will be deducted from your total savings when it eventually matures.

Pause Mode

You can pause your savings and continue later.

How safe are my funds and my card details

The payment engine is supported by Paystack Ltd, registered with offices.......Secured by 3D...

Profile Update

After sign up, you will be able to register and activate your plans. However you need to complete your profile information. We need to verify all the information you provided. The profile update will be in five stages:

  • Information update: Pls provide all correct information required in the profile section. This is necessary for us to know your location and how best to serve you well.
  • Passport/Selfie: Take your selfie and upload.
  • SMS verification: We would send you a OTP (One Time Pin) to confirm the phone number provided.
  • Email Verification: We would send you an activation link to be sure the email provided is correct and actually belongs to you. You wouldnt like your email alerts getting to the wrong hands. Would you?
  • Bank Details: Please provide your personal bank details. Please do not provide a third party account.

Once these 5 steps are followed, you are a verified user.

Multiple Plans

You can create more than one plan. For example, if you have a plan for house rent, you can also create a wedding plan separately.

We love weddings!!

Login Notification

When you log-in, you will get an email notification. We want to be sure someone is not snooping on your savings behind your back.

Account Opening

Individuals without an active account details can open an account with Paga. Paga has been integrated into our system. When you click Open New Account and follow the steps, a Paga account is opened for you. Visit the nearest Paga agent to fund this newly opened account. You can also transfer funds into this newly opened account.


Stash is available on Playstore for android users and iOS store for iPhone users. It can also be assessed at on other platforms.